The Distribution People have built a strong reputation in the political industry providing magazine distribution services and exclusive branding opportunities at the political parties’ Conferences.

We also offer publishers an easy route to access thousands of political decision makers by providing mailing data, fulfilment and delivery services to most political institutions throughout Europe.

A vast political background enables us to provide publishers with a direct link to some of the most important political institutions in Europe such as: UK Parliament, European Parliament, European Commission, Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee. We provide all services from the provision of raw data to fulfilment and delivery.

Access to a global network of hotels, sporting events, transport hubs and universities helps us ensure your message can reach the masses or target any demographic.

We also increase exposure through high impact outdoor media such as billboards, bus stops and phone boxes. Working with either a demographic or specific area/event we can make sure you leave that all important lasting message.

  • Targeted political distribution
  • Data, fulfilment and delivery services
  • Copy placement in hotels, transport hubs and sporting events
  • Exclusive branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Outdoor media buying and planning
  • ABC