Providing publishers with access to the most influential political decision makers and opinion formers.

We offer a full service of data supply, fulfilment and delivery to most political institutions throughout Europe. We create tailored campaigns for one off issues and provide long term circulation strategies.

In addition to our ground routes in UK politics we have an established name within major European political institutions such as the European Parliament, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee and Committee of the Regions.

Our relationship with each institution enables us to maintain accurate mailing data on the most influential political decision makers and opinion formers across Europe.

The data enables us to plan unique targeted distribution campaigns for clients looking to target specific political figures, countries, industries, or policies.

We have developed campaigns for publishers to promote one-off special issues, such as the refugee crisis but also publishers who were looking for long term growth on their ABC certificate by regularly sending copies to all MPs and Peers.

We provide an end to end service incorporating data, fulfilment, and delivery due to the high profile and strict security measures in place at many of the institutions.

  •  House of Commons
  • House of Lords
  • European Parliament
  • European Commission
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • Committee of the Regions

The Distribution People took on our very precise logistical brief and fulfilled it to the word with great care and efficiency. The team worked round the clock to make sure every thing was in place when and where we needed it and they were extremely responsive to our additional requests and questions. I’d happily recommend them – a young, spirited but highly professional team – a real pleasure to work with..

Lucy AitkensHead of public affairs, BskyB.